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Here are some tips from the 10CRIC cricket betting site on how to bet on a live match on their site. Live betting is also known as in-play betting and has become very popular in just a few years. In-play betting gives you the opportunity to place the bets during the whole duration of the match and thus providing a thrilling experience to the wagers, the bet is always in play throughout the match giving the wagers a chance to make quick decisions and many numbers of changes in the betting actions.

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This is a very great way of taking advantage of the odds as you can see how the game evolves through different stages of the overs. Let us take an example, if a player is playing very well throughout the game, you can place a bet on him on some of his runs or his bowling or his fielding. This also comes with a clause that you will have to watch the game thoroughly with a keen eye and have to be alert on how the players are performing.

You have to get an idea of things like which players are performing well, which team is looking strong, which player is having an off-day and many others which can have an impact on the final outcome of the match. With real-time betting, you can vibe with your favorite players and also teams. You can use this as an advantage and choose your favorite in the match and base it on how the game is being played rather than just sitting in a corner and predicting how the game will be played or should be played.

It also gives you an opportunity to place successful bets as you have your mind working out the logic rather than placing your faith in luck and placing the bet before the start of the game. Betting live has been said to have changed the way the bets are being placed in the wagering world. There has been an increase in the winning end and it has become more exciting and more successful.

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These have been the most interesting live betting events according to 10CRIC in cricket. Watch out on what to bet on for bigger and assured profits. Cricket is considered the most respectable and trusted sport in India. The number of growing customers in these betting sites have learned that this selection of betting events is a little unrivaled. 10CRIC has the biggest betting databases for all these live betting events around the globe.

10CRIC cricket betting

Their main focus is Cricket because of the growing number of audiences in the subcontinent of India. They have built every possible way to cover the live events specifically keeping the customer’s interests in mind. These live events come into play in the in-play markets and you can nail your bets on any specific match that you are confident on or to test your betting knowledge. 10CRIC covers all the biggest test matches, series, twenty20, tournaments, world cups, etc.