How to Use 10Cric Betting App for Betting on Sports?

If you want to bet on sports, 10Cric is a perfect choice. This mobile betting app is specially designed for sports betting.

With this app, you will get the best odds and betting markets. You can choose from live and pre-match bets. 

Apart from bet types, you will get different sports options. You can bet on cricket, tennis, hockey, football and many other sports. 

To know more about this app and check the features, you can read the 10Cric app review It will help you to check the pros and cons of using this app. 

If you want to use this app, we can help you. It is very simple and easy to use. You just need to download it to your phone, log in to your account and start betting.

Steps to Use 10Cric Betting App

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to use this app for betting on sports. Follow this guide if you are using the app for the first time. 

  • Step 1: Create Live Account

The first thing you need to do is download the app on your phone. However, you cannot download the app from the website. In order to get the download link and file, you need to create an account first. So, you need to go to the website and create your account. You can click on Join Now to register your account. It will help you to easily access your live account and download the app. 

  • Step 2: Download and Install App

Now that you have a live and active account, you can download the app on the phone. Go to the download page and click on the link. It will help you to download and install the app on the phone. 

  • Step 3: 10Cric App Login

In this step, you need to open the app and log in to it. To do that, you need to enter your account credentials and click on login. It will take you to your account.

  • Step 4: Deposit Funds

This step is very important. You have to deposit funds in your account to place a bet. So, once you reach the account, go to the menu and select banking. You need to tap on the deposit, enter the amount you want to deposit and choose a deposit method. You need to enter some details about payment to process the request.

  • Step 5: Select Bet Type

The money will be instantly deposited in your account. Now, you can simply click on sports to check the betting market. You need to choose between in-play and pre-match bets. 

  • Step 6: Choose Sports

Once you choose the bet type, you need to choose between sports. Different types of sports options will be given on the app. Choose the sports you want to bet on. 

  • Step 7: Select Game

After that, you need to select the game you want to bet on, i.e. matches or tournaments. 

  • Step 8: Click on Odds

Once you select the game, you will see different odds given on different bets in the game. Check all the odds and choose the bet carefully. To choose the bet, you need to click on the odds.

  • Step 9: Place Bet

In the end, you just need to decide the stake money and click on the place bet option to place the bet.