An Introduction to PokerBaazi Live

In these recent times, we have seen so many developments that are so brilliant for the game of poker that is being constantly played in India. These related sites have set up several leagues and tournaments and have launched them in the last 12-18 months, through live and also online. Goa is also known for its major poker business in the form of poker rooms, casinos, etc. So in Goa, all these major poker rooms in all the major casinos have been taken over by big poker sites and companies currently trending in poker that include Deltin Royale’s room which is being run by Adda52 and the Big Daddy poker room that has been taken over by the Team IPC who also has a share in Spartan Poker.

The recent developments in poker have been done majorly by They took to their blog and announced their latest tie-up with the Pride Group. They have also mentioned that they will be taking over the operations in the poker room at Casino Pride 2 in River Mandovi that is located in Goa. This room is all set to feature high octane cash games and international tournaments throughout the year for players willing to make the travel and enjoy not only profits but also the journey. This room is reportedly going to be run in collaboration with Gaming CEO Madhav Gupta also referred to as Baadshah.

He also commented on this development and said that he is very excited to announce that he will be feeling like the next catalyst for Indian poker. He also confessed that this poker room project of hishas been a pet project for a very long time for like the last decade and that he believes that with this combination of years of great service and the title and reputation of India’s premier poker he hopes to extend this goalpost of what will be offered to the players.On the other hand, Gutshot recently launched its June-August 2019 print magazine where they featured Navkiran Singh, the CEO of PokerBaazi.

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He also gave a couple of hints about the future plans of the company which includes the signing of a new ambassador Yuvraj Singh in  BalleBaaz and also that of the return of PokerBaazi’s live poker aspirations. Singh said that he wants to bring the same level of excitement to the players to enjoy the game in this live circuit as they have been doing online. He also said that they have Maddy also known as “Goa ka Daddy” on board for this event to make the event more exciting and fun.

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With the biggest three high-profile brands running poker operations in the Goa waters at this moment, the sky’s the limit for the Indian poker industry. PokerBaazi has always been pushing itself constantly to new and bigger limits in online poker in the last year and the before ones. It certainly has gotten interesting to see how they continue in this new live venture.