All You Need to Know About 22Bet – An Honest Review

22Bet is a well-known sports betting platform that has been in operation for more than a decade. With millions of customers from all across the globe, this is emerging as the king of online betting. Being a customer of 22Bet for the past three years, I can vouch for it.

Being a frequent bettor and a customer of 22Bet for a long time has given me benefits in many fold ways. I have won several bets using 22Bet as my bookmaker. And for this fact, I think writing a 22Bet review should be done.

I shall be honest with you in this 22Bet review. To know that good and bad this platform has, keep reading.

The Bad:


Let me first start off with the cons of 22Bet, as the list of pros would be a little long!

On opening the site of 22Bet, you would notice that the outlook of the website is a bit old school. This means you are probably going to get a feeling of the 90s when you first visit the site. However, there is absolutely no reason to think that it will be tough to navigate.

The second point that I meant to write in this 22Bet review is that while accessing the 22Bet site via mobile, you won’t have the best experience. It somehow looks like all crammed together. Hence, I am not a fan of it. The last not so great point about this betting platform is the fact that the customer care gets busy when it is peak hours.

The Good:

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There are many great things about 22Bet.  Let me start off with the basics.

Unlike many other sports betting platforms, 22Bet is safe and offers you the best transparency you can get anywhere. With this betting platform, the odds of winning are pretty competitive.

If you are already sick and tired of all the limitations of choices the other online betting platform put on you, then you must visit 22Bet. This site understands that not all would be interested in one or a few sports. Hence, 22Bet tries to get you various types of sports to bet on under one roof. Using this bookmaking platform, you can bet on sports like hockey, cricket, football, volleyball, ice hockey, basketball, etc. You can also play casino at 22bet for an amazing experience.

22Bet is also available in various languages so, that won’t be a barrier. If you are from India, you can translate the site in Hindi as well. This will give the indie folks a better chance to understand the nooks and crannies of online betting. Also, there is an array of payment options.

Another great thing that I wanted to point out in this 22Bet review is the fact that this site gives a good starting bonus. So, if you are a newbie and want the best betting platform to begin, consider this site. The customer support can be a tad slow, but once you connect to them, they are perhaps one of the most helpful ones.